Transporting Antique Furniture Safely


Out of all other items at your home, antique items hold special value. The specialty of those antique items is not only their old-styled fine finishing but they preserve the memory of several generations before you. The most common antique items in many homes include furniture. When you sit on an old sofa, you get to know the level of comfort that your ancestors have had a long time ago. This is what that makes old and antique furniture items so much special. Hence, this is the main reason that you wouldn’t want to give up these items even if you keep on changing homes after every couple of years.

With that said, you will want to ensure the safety of your antique furniture during the most radical process of your life, i.e. the residential relocation. There are few things that you will need to take into consideration in order to ensure that your priceless furniture remains unharmed during this transition process.

Preparing the furniture for moving

The kind of preparation I am talking about here involves getting proper value for your furniture. With this information about the value at hand, you will have proper grounds according to which you can urge the movers to take care of these items in the most specific way possible. Although, these items are priceless, the appropriate value information will prevent these items from being handled in harsher way.

An important aspect that you should take care about is maintaining the inventory of antique furniture items. Walk into the rooms and keep noting the type of items, their manufacturers and the year of manufacturing. Furthermore, also illustrate the current condition of the items. It will help you to immediately figure out the change in condition upon arrival.

Plan smoother movement of furniture

While it’s the movers’ job to take care of your items during the transit, it’s your job to find roomy pathways for the furniture when it will be moved from rooms to the loading truck. This measurement is particularly helpful when a furniture item doesn’t offer an option of its disintegration. Same measurement is required at the new place too.

Get a knowhow about the weather conditions at destination. Make sure that temperature and humidity are not posing any threat to the looks or strength of your antique furniture.

Do proper packing

The packing holds much importance when you are to ensure the safety of your antique furniture. For that purpose, the very first thing you should do is safe disintegration of furniture parts. This disintegration will allow the furniture parts to be packed in small, medium and large boxes. Get proper packaging supplies for the items to be packed. The packaging supplies mainly include sturdy boxes and appropriate cushioning. The cushioning for furniture items mainly include plastic wrap.

To properly cushion the items, make sure that you have applied 3 – 4 layers of wrapping to the items. Furthermore, disallow any movement of items in the box by filling the void using packing materials such as packing peanuts.

That’s it. This is how you can ensure the safety of your priceless antique items when you move from one house to another.